Drawings (blind)

The drawings were created during the Corona pandemic, during watching movies and documentaries and listening to music. These drawings were created «blind». The pencil followed the rhythm of the sounds, the music, the speed of the constant bombardment of images and information and the time spent on the computer. 170 drawings are made on a desk in front of the computer.

Capturing the sadness, the silence, the loneliness, a dark, frightened and fearful world, the death, the daily statistics of infected people, the waiting, the lockdowns and the unknown virus.

The world hidden behind the curtains.
Talking to the empty walls.
How can we fight the virus of the future?
The invisible enemy.




Title : Behind the Curtains
Material : paper, pencil
Size : 21 x 30 cm
Technic : drawing
Year : 2020, 2021
Serie : 152 drawings