Der Fremde, Verfremdete, Entfremdete Körper


Textile transformations and artistic performances with needle and thread.

The appeal of the exhibition «Kunst/Stoff» lies in its multimedia concept: the curator Katja Weeke lets the textile artworks, fabric paintings, installations, sculptures, photos and video works correspond with each other in an unexpected way. In this way, the viewer gets a complex and unique overview of the exciting expressive possibilities of contemporary art with textile materials.

The teddy bear we love, the indispensable blanket, the T-shirt of first love under the pillow, the wedding dress for the most beautiful day in our lives and at the end the shroud: our whole existence is accompanied by textiles that are close to us, that are linked to memories, that give us hold and protect us. Artistic works with textiles and their transformations touch on the existential, but also social and political questions of our lives.

E-Werk Gallery
Freiburg, Germany
November 2014
Curator : Katja Weeke
Concept / Costume : Mirjam Spoolder
Photographer : Suzanna Hiss
Performers : Magdalena Weniger, Alena Kundela, Miina-Maria Aalto-Setala