Under construction

The exhibition at FABRIKculture from 9.7-13.8.2023 is conceived as a work in progress and pays homage to Filature, the former production hall of a textile factory in Hégenheim.

It serves as an experiment in collaboration between four artists in the fields of drawing, painting, textiles and performance. Gerda Maise and Helen von Burg from Basel, Mirjam Spoolder from the Netherlands, resident in Basel since 2007. Patricia Wespisser from Hausgauen in Alsace, are four artists who have been exploring the connection between art, design, spatial situations, interventions and performance for decades. During five ‹working weeks›, the four artists provide insight into the state of affairs of their interventions.

Gerda Maise
Helen von Burg
Patricia Wespisser

Performance title : ‘Constructed’
Concept / Costume / Object : Mirjam Spoolder
Sound / Guitar : Christoph and Kaspar
Photo’s : Brendhan Dickerson, Mirjam Spoolder
Space : FABRIKcultur

Performance duration: 15 minutes
Video: Heinrich Schmidt, Vernissage TV



Many thanks to Gerda Maise, Daniel Göttin, Helen von Burg, Patricia Wespisser, Clément Stehlin, Christoph Stähli, Guy Cheval, Brendhan Dickerson, Heinrich Schmidt, Vernissage TV